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MAC Testimonials

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"MAC has long been an essential part of maintaining my health and well-being. I have recently retired, and the club has become even more important! I consider the membership to MAC the best investment I make toward keeping myself strong, healthy and happy!" - Eiko Asazuma

"Working with Chris and his knowledge of injuries and the weaknesses that cause them, has been eye opening, after following his programming I feel balanced and fitter than I ever have before. His assessment of my weaknesses, and the exercises to correct them, have undoubtedly saved me from pain and injury."- M. S.

 "As a new member, I found the assessment protocol to be a very useful tool to experience the many services the club has to offer. As a result, you find there is something for everyone! Christina Mulcahy is the perfect ambassador for the club. She is presentable, personable and professional." - George N.

Spa Testimonials

"As a member of the club for over 25 years, I can without hesitation applaud the quality of all services I have had the pleasure to receive from a group of professionals who always remain courteous, thoughtful and most importantly excellent at their craft. Cat always attends to my specific skin concerns when deciding the best products to use during a facial. Alison creates an atmosphere of pure relaxation as she provides an always excellent deep massage. Having a foot reflexology treatment performed by Amy was amazing. She focused on the several major points in the foot which I must say impacted my entire body to feel more centered. The integration of a such a wonderful spa into my health club makes caring for my health seamless!" -Chris Bierbrier

Nutrition Testimonials

"Until I started working with Jen, I would feel very guilty every time I ate dinner out at a restaurant, then I would lose my motivation to stay on track. Having her as a resource/cheerleader has really changed everything. Now I really enjoy myself while I'm out, and afterward feel empowered to continue working toward my goals!" S. R.

"I used to be a very active and healthy person before I went to law school. I am an educated woman and while I know what should be best for me, until I met Jen it was hard to put it all into action. Now I'm getting back on track and I have Jen to thank." M. S.

"I am thrilled to have found Jen via the Commit to Get Fit program. Over the years, I've been to many nutritionists, trainers, eating coaches, etc. in search of someone who could help me. Jen is the first helpful wellness professional I've found." S. D.