Spa Services


How long does it last? gradually It will fade within 3-4 weeks. Strong sun/UV light can make color fade faster.

How long does the process take? Generally we book each service for 30-minutes and the combo for 45-minutes.

Is tinting safe/legal?
Tinting in MA is once again legalized and is a safe procedure as long as the service is done by a well-trained and experienced licensed esthetician.

What is the product made of? We use a vegetable based dye. It's the dermatologist approved, salon exclusive brand Berrywell® Augenblick; which in German stands for expressive eyes with a memorable glance!

Do I have color options? Yes! We have a line of 6 shades. Together with your esthetician, you will determine what color(s) best suit your hair and skin tone.


- If you wear contact lenses please bring a case with you. They will need to be removed prior to the service and can be put back in immediately following the treatment. We do have some spares and saline just in case.
- Please do not wear eye makeup or use an oil based remover prior to the treatment.


- Do not rub/touch your eyes immediately after
- Do not apply eye makeup for at least 24 hrs.
- Avoid swimming & washing eye area for 24 hrs.
- Take extra care to avoid eyes when showering within the first 24 hrs.
- Avoid exfoliating cleansers containing alpha-hydroxy acid
- Remember to book your next appointment in 3-4 weeks

Eyebrow Tint - $25

Eyelash Tint - $25

Brow and Lash Combo - $45