Spa Services


Aromatherapy Massage:

Traditional Aromatherapy Massage is similar in style to a Swedish but incorporates essential oils of your choice. We also have a Deep Tissue Aromatherapy option. Some essential oils available for you to choose from include: lavender, grapefruit, chamomile, basil and sweet orange.

90-minute - $150                  60-minute - $100                30-minute - $70

90-minute Deep - $160          60-minute Deep - $110        30-minute Deep - $75

Breathe Easy Sinus Treatment:

A one-of-a-kind treatment for people on the go! Breathe Easy helps relieve sinus pressure, headache and neck pain due to seasonal allergies and chronic sinus issues. Combining gentle face and neck massage with hot steam infused with anti-inflammatory essential oils to relieve sinus and respiratory tension. Leave feeling relaxed and decongested! Breathe Easy is intended for those suffering from allergy symptoms and chronic sinus issues; not intended for those with cold symptoms or acute sinus illness.

30-minute - $65

Craniosacral Therapy (Joanne):

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the function of the craniosacral system. The Craniosacral system is a physiological system like the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and provides the physical environment in which the brain and spinal cord develop and function.  The membranes and cerebrospinal fluid of the craniosacral system surround and protect the brain & spinal cord. The craniosacral system has a rhythm that can be felt throughout the body. Therapists use a very light, soft touch to monitor this rhythm and pinpoint sources of obstruction and stress in the body.  Once located, the therapist will assist the natural movement and release of the restriction to help the body self-correct.

90-minute - $150              60-minute - $110        30-minute - $70

Crystal Chakra Treatment (Shirley):

Chakras are areas of circulating energy within the body which, when balanced, flow freely and evenly throughout our system to promote health and a greater sense of well-being. Over time, chakras may become susceptible to impedance or over-stimulation; resulting in undesirable effects such as lack of focus, energy imbalance, and general disharmony. Relax the body and balance the chakras with the use of crystals and stones along with energy work and massage in this tailored treatment. Using a subtle awareness of your responses this treatment is most effective with light participation during the energy phase of the treatment. Warm, soothing stones and essential oils specific to each chakra are used as well.

90-minute - $150                  60-minute - $110

Deep Tissue:

Deep Tissue, often referred to as sports massage, uses pressure to create changes in the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Depending on your therapist's training, techniques such as trigger point therapy, myofacial release and clinical deep tissue massage might be integrated into you massage to help break up various types of muscle tension and help restore muscular balance to your body.

90-minute - $145                 60-minute - $100                30-minute - $70

Deep Massage with Cupping (Shirley & Allison):

This service combines typical hands on deep tissue massage techniques with negative pressure relief from specially designed silicone suction cups in varying sizes. Cupping allows the tissue to be lifted rather than compressed resulting in a deeper muscle release. Deep with Cupping is typically a less painful and less aggressive form of deep work that incorporates techniques similar to myofascial and lymphatic drainage. It helps to break up congestion by draining excess fluids and toxins while bringing nutrient- rich blood to stagnant areas.

90-minute - $155                60-minute - $110                 30-minute - $75 

Head, Hands & Feet*:

We've designed a massage that focuses on three key areas of the body that hold a lot of stress. You'll receive a nurturing scalp massage as well as hand & foot massage to promote healthy circulation. Please remember to wear loose fit comfortable clothing to this service.

60-minute - $100

Hot Stone:

Hot Stone Massage is a Swedish style relaxation massage that uses smooth, heated volcanic rocks. The stones are heated using water, and the temperature ranges from 120-135 degrees Fahrenheit. These rocks are rich in iron and therefore hold heat for an extended period of time. This massage is quite gentle in comparison with deep tissue massage, but it has many similar benefits. The heat from the stones relax the muscles and often increase an individual's tolerance of pressure and therefore is good for those who have muscle tension but prefer lighter massage.

90-minute - $150               60-minute - $110
90-minute Deep - $160       60-minute Deep - $120


Offering both prenatal and postnatal care, our therapists use techniques to help eliminate stress, assist with hormone balance and promote overall wellness for moms and moms-to-be. Backaches, neck soreness, joint stiffness, swelling and leg pain are just some of the common discomforts one may experience during pregnancy. We aim to reduce these issues and nurture you along your journey. Maternity massage is recommended for second and third trimesters only.

60-minute - $100               30-minute - $70

Myofascial Release* (Allison):

Fascia, is comprised of collagen, elastin and a gelatinous ground substance. Over time, the fascia can become solidified and shortened due to injury, repetitive motions or poor posture. This causes it to lose flexibility and form tension in the rest of the body. Myofascial Release is a massage technique done directly on the skin without the use of oil. Pressure is applied gently yet firmly to stretch the restriction for 90-120 seconds. This allows the collagen to begin to release. The stretch is then held for anywhere from 5-15 minutes, depending on the response of the connective tissue or fascia. The myofascial work will release multiple layers of the restriction three-dimensionally.

90-minute - $145               60-minute - $100                  30-minute - $70

Raindrop Therapy (Amy & Shirley):

The Raindrop technique used a sequence of highly anti-microbial essential oils to the feet, back and spine in order to reduce inflammation. The nine oils are dispensed like drops of rain from about six inches above the back, massaged along the spine and over the rest of the back. A hot compress is then applied to facilitate absorption of the oils and relax the muscles. The oils will continue the benefit for up to one week following the treatment. This form of aromatherapy supports the immune system, relieves tension, increases energy, supports balanced metabolism and enhances general wellness.

90-minute - $160               60-minute  - $110

Reiki* (Allison & Kelly):

Reiki (pronounced ray'kee) is ancient healing method rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in the mid-19th century. Reiki works by channeling Ki or "life force energy" which is an unseen energy surrounding and flowing through living things and exists even in the air we breathe. During this treatment you remain fully clothed while the therapist carries out a series of hand placements to balance and restore one's own energy or Ki.

90-minute - $110               60-minute - $80

Shirodhara, or Jewel of India (Allison & Joanne):

This treatment is an ancient Ayurvedic healing practice performed in India for over 2,000 years. After a treatment of Ayurvedic massage which is tailored to balance your doshas or constitutions; Vata, Pitta and Kapha, warm oil flows on the brow and in the region between the eyes. Shirodhara is traditionally used to calm the nerves, harmonize vata constitutions, restore the nerves, release stored emotions and purify the minuted. Most people will commonly notice many of the following after Shirodhara: reduction in stress, reduction in excessive thinking, calminuteg of the emotions, release of negative emotions, improved sleep, improved insomnia, vivid.

90-minute - $160              60-minute - $115

Swedish Relaxation:

Experience a gentle, relaxation-style massage using open-handed, long-flowing strokes to ease general muscle tension and help alleviate stress. Swedish massage also helps calm the mind, improve circulation and enhance muscle tone.

90-minute - $130              60-minute - $90                    30-minute - $60

Add on Aromatherapy - $20

Add on Reflexology 15-minute - $20

Add on Scalp Massage 15-minute - $20

Add on Rest Time 15-minute - $20

*Special clothing requirements for these treatments. Ask for details at time of reservation.