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Kinesio Tape

Kinesio Therapeutic Tape: Lei Ann is our Acupuncturist and is trained in the Kinesio modality. Click here to read her bio. Kinesio Tape is a cotton strip with an acrylic adhesive that is used for treating athletic injuries and a variety of physical disorders. The tape is used in therapy to relax overused muscles and in rehabilitation to facilitate underused muscles. Advocates say that the wave pattern found on the tape's adhesive has a lifting effect on the skin, which can reduce swelling and inflammation by improving circulation and reduce pain by taking pressure off pain receptors. The elastic properties can also be utilized in a mechanical fashion to limit or encourage a specific joint motion. It will remain in place for several days up to a week depending on upkeep.

Kinesio Taping First visit (Up to 30 minutes) - $30

Kinesio Taping Follow-up visit (Up to 15 minutes) - $20

Kinesio Taping Add-on (Up to 15 minutes) - $15