Program - Functional Interval Training

Functional Interval Training

For everyone regardless of age, gender, conditioning, physical limitations, or experience.

The Mount Auburn Club's team of fitness professionals designed MAC F.I.T. using the latest developments in exercise science to ensure you achieve optimal results. MAC F.I.T. is an incredibly effective 4-week group training program. Work on overall strength and movement quality with a functional, total body routine. Learn ways to add stability training to your workout for better core activation and balance. Understand slow, deliberate, eccentric training for scientifically proven maximal strength gains and add the principle of power into the mix with controlled speed to improve muscular endurance and burn even more calories. The workouts themselves take a functional, interval-based approach to training the primary movement patterns to get you moving well and keep you moving well. Using a variety of efficient modalities, MAC F.I.T. incorporates a leveling system which adapts the difficulty of each exercise to you specifically. This ensures an individualized, challenging, but safe workout in a fun and supportive group environment. After all, MAC F.I.T. is YOUR workout!

We offer several, 1-hour sessions throughout each week: 

 Day  Time    Instructor
 Monday   6PM
 Tuesday   11AM
  11AM  Chris Hays
 Wednesday   6PM
 Friday   11AM
 Chris O'Laughlin
 Saturday   11AM  Dan

March 2020 Session: Monday 3/2 to Saturday 3/28

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