Program - Meditation


Cultivate calmness, concentration, mindfulness, and compassion.

Mindfulness is the ability to focus attention on the present moment in a way that is open, receptive and engaged. Meditation helps to cultivate this capacity of attention by sitting still in a quiet place. Over the course of six weeks, we cover the basic mind/body skills involved in mindfulness meditation.  

About the instructor: Darren Becker has been practicing meditation for over 10 years and has a Master's Degree from the Divinity School at Harvard University. He has been guiding meditation in the local area since 2013.

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation:

  • Increase calm, concentration and clarity
  • Improve sitting posture, supporting relaxed alertness
  • Classes feature discussion and opportunities for feedback

  • Deepened appreciation of the present moment

Course Features:

  • Quiet class space with comfortable seating arrangements
  • Feedback-focused discussions
  • Guided instructions for your home practice


Program Length: 6 weeks (1-hour sessions)

Program Investment: $120 Members | $180 Guests

Next Session: TBA

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