Program - Balance & Coordination

Balance & Coordination

Better balance and mobility.

Find Your Balance is a series of classes carefully crafted to help you improve your balance, core strength and leg strength in order to help prevent falls and other injuries. This class is designed for individuals of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels including those with orthopedic issues and neurological conditions such as Parkinson Disease and Multiple Sclerosis. This program also features a 15-minute informative discussion, led by one of our registered dietitians, regarding the important role proper nutrition plays in improving balance and preventing injuries.

Key Movements & Benefits:

  • Improved hand-eye coordination
  • Seated and standing balance exercises
  • Chair transfers and body leans
  • Navigating obstacles
  • Standing with altered support bases

Research suggests one in three Americans falls every day. Injuries are not only inconvenient, they also cost us our independence forcing us to take time off from work and sometimes having to rely on others to help. The research indicates 95% of hip fractures result from falls, 20-30% sustain moderate to severe injuries that reduce mobility and independence and increasing the risk for premature death.

At the completion of our 6-week Balance and Mobility Program, you will learn about the following: how to fall and how to get back up, balance sensors, functional balance, reasons we lose our balance, balance and aging, spatial awareness and how to navigate in heavy foot traffic and more.

Program Length: 6 weeks (1 hour sessions) + nutrition discussion

Program Investment: $240

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Location: Studio A (2nd Floor)

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