Program - Core Meltdown

Core Meltdown

Get to work and strengthen to the core!

In this fun, half-hour session, you’ll work to achieve the benefits of a stronger core. Practice a variety of core muscle exercises 1, 2 or 3 times each week with our Team. Add the Core Meltdown sessions into your regular routine for improved performance in all of your activities, even at home! This program incorporates work done on the floor, TRX system, Keiser columns, body weight and more. Learn new ways to approach core training to take you way beyond the average sit-up!

Key Benefits:
  • Core musculature activating and strengthening
  • Improved hip and shoulder stability
  • Improved awareness of core actions and stability

  • Decreased risk of low back muscle pain

  • Improved mobility and posture

Ongoing Program Sessions: Tuesdays 6pm | Thursdays 6pm | Saturdays 10:30am (30 minutes)

Program Investment: 10 sessions/$150 | 5 sessions/$85 | Single drop-in/$20

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