Our System

Functional Training by Certified Fitness Professionals

At MAC, our mission is to help people move better and feel better so we've developed the Mount Auburn Fitness Training Institute (MAFTI) where each of our trainers receive specific education and certification in addition to their personal training credentials.

We focus on improving specific, natural movement patterns which simulate activities of daily living. Regardless of your abilities, our system applies to any fitness level and we help adjust the programs for increased or decreased difficulty to suit your needs.

Often times, activities become restricted and function is impaired. Our methods aim to restore function in order for the body to effectively and properly move as one unit.

To encourage this concept, we concentrate on movements instead of specific muscles. Concentrating on movement helps to avoid musculoskeletal imbalances within the body, which may reduce pain and help prevent injuries.

We ensure you have the proper foundation and body position during each exercise, increasing your body awareness while decreasing your risk for injury. Our Fitness Professionals are educators, safely helping you along the way.

Movement based-training provides a more efficient approach to exercise. All major muscle groups are targeted and leads to more calories burned per workout.

Our unique educational coaching session, including the MAC Movement Analysis, establishes a baseline as well as identifies where improvements may be made. Learn about your own abilities including balance, strength and more. Discuss a plan and get moving!

Questions? Call or Email Jason Deranian, MAC Fitness Director at (617) 923-2255 ext. 404.