Nutrition Team

Julie Jacobsen

MS, Registered Dietitian, LDN
MAC Nutrition Program Director

Julie Jacobsen, MS, RD, LDN earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Minnesota, and a Master of Science in Nutrition and Health Promotion with a Certificate in Sports Nutrition from Simmons College where she graduated with distinction.  In addition to a primary focus on early intervention and disease prevention, she has devoted the past several years working as a clinical specialist helping individuals break through the psychological barriers associated with emotional and/or dysregulated eating patterns.

Julie is enthusiastic about helping everyone enjoy food and appreciate it as one of the primary tools for achieving optimal health.  Most importantly she believes there should be joy in pursuing that goal, and that balance is key to not feeling deprived.  She honors each person’s journey and enjoys custom-tailoring a nutrition plan to help each individual become more aware of their body’s needs, better understand the emotional and psychological pathways that may interfere with success, and ultimately achieve their health and wellness goals.  When not working, Julie enjoys spending her spare time traveling, biking, hiking, kayaking, and being with family and friends.

Jennifer Jasmin

Registered Dietitian, LDN

Jennifer Jasmin RD, LDN holds a B.S. in Communication from Emerson College and completed her graduate work in dietetics at Simmons College. Her diverse background includes working in clinical nutrition with a variety of age groups, running successful weight loss programs and over 20 years of food service experience in local restaurants, all of which adds to her unique and realistic perspective on eating well. 

Jen believes in a teaching approach to helping her clients reach their health, wellness and weight-related goals. She helps individuals place their focus on the benefits of process goals and habit change rather than fixating on outcomes. By harnessing their motivation, and investigating what their diets may be missing (not what they need to give up) her clients get lasting results! To Jen, the journey toward wellness is incredibly personal. Honoring that, she guides her clients using unique, honest, actionable and unpretentious advice.

Louisa Paine

Registered Dietitian, LDN

Louisa Paine, RD, LDN earned her bachelor’s degree from Brown University and went on to complete her graduate nutrition and dietetics coursework at Simmons College. Following her dietetic internship in which she completed rotations in a variety of settings including clinical, community, private practice, and foodservice, Louisa worked as an outpatient clinical dietitian at Massachusetts General Hospital. She is enthusiastic about becoming involved in the positive, motivating, and holistic fitness setting at the Mount Auburn Club.

As a lifelong athlete, Louisa is passionate about athletic pursuits and has seen firsthand the importance of nutrition in supporting fitness goals. She looks forward to facilitating the health and progress of her clients at the Mount Auburn Club through a varied, plentiful, and well-balanced diet. She personalizes her approach to each client, honoring the cultural and emotional aspects of food and helping each client fit healthy eating into his or her own unique lifestyle. She values the process rather than just the results, utilizing goal-setting and a client-centered approach. She emphasizes adequacy and abundance rather than restriction, ensuring that each individualized nutrition plan supports the client on multiple levels.

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