Nutrition at Mount Auburn Club

Looking to find a balance between real nutrition facts and realistic health and fitness goals?

At Mount Auburn Club, we can help you turn off the “nutrition noise” that can seem hard to escape in today’s world—so you can develop healthy eating habits that will gently, gradually improve your wellbeing.

Proper nutrition isn’t about making quick changes that require massive willpower. Fads and crash diets only lead to temporary results.

That’s why Julie Jacobsen and Jennifer Jasmin, our Registered Dietitians, work with you to fully explore your medical history, family history, dietary habits and food preferences. Our Nutrition Department applies a unique and realistic perspective to both food and eating that originates from their combined diverse backgrounds - including applied clinical nutrition, leading several successful weight loss groups, and more than 20 years of food service experience in local restaurants.


When you work with our Nutrition Team, you will cooperatively identify meaningful ways to change your habits and the way you eat as well as develop a healthy relationship with your food that will last a lifetime.

Here’s why you should take control of your nutrition and embrace a better, healthier approach to eating:

  • Achieve or maintain a healthy weight.
  • Enjoy more effective training sessions.
  • Reduce your risk of injury.
  • Manage food allergies, sensitivities and/or intolerances.
  • Improve mental clarity and increase energy.
  • Lower your cholesterol or blood pressure.
  • Control your blood sugar.
  • Support disease prevention, and more.

Before you go on another diet that will only make you miserable, find out about food choices that will help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Contact the Nutrition Team, to get started or to simply learn more about nutrition counseling.