Member Success Story Winners

Member Success Story Winners

September 2019: Peter Merrell

Lauren Prokator - Saturday, September 21, 2019

“I never made fitness a priority in my life until my body pushed back. When it did, I listened.” 

Peter developed an autoimmune disorder 25 years ago that forced him to reassess his lifestyle. He always knew conceptually the benefits of regular exercise but, like many, after college, he focused on his career and fitness took a backseat. 

Joining Mount Auburn Club was a personal and financial commitment to see if exercise could relieve some of his symptoms. MAC gave Peter a structured way to balance his physical health and career goals. It turns out Peter made a wise investment. Since reintroducing exercising into this life, Peter's experienced increased strength, stamina and confidence. Peter attributes his success to the regular challenges presented in workouts with trainer Mike Thornton and lessons with tennis pro Sheryl Maskell. These achievements pale in comparison to what Peter's last medical exam revealed - he is now symptom-free! “This has absolutely been the best impact I could hope for," Peter says.

Peter encourages anyone starting their own exercise journey not to be intimidated. “My introduction to MAC began with exercise classes where I could discretely discover my own fitness level and establish my own comfort zone. Classes offered an opportunity to meet the instructors and get comfortable with the many workout exercises and equipment. One instructor invited me to join a group class. This group has now been together for over two years and motivates me to keep coming. There are many different ways to engage in MAC offerings.”

What a testament to the power of regular exercise! Peter, thank you for sharing and inspiring us all.

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