Member Success Story Winners

Member Success Story Winners

July 2019: Jerry Zuriff

Lauren Prokator - Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Don’t skip the locker room talk 

When Jerry joined MAC in 2008, he thought the club would merely be a place to get in a workout. A retired professor, Jerry lives by the mantra, “you are never too old to learn.” And learn he has at MAC, but not from those he thought he would.
When Jerry first walked through the doors of MAC more than a decade ago, he knew he’d gain knowledge about strength training and how to live a healthy lifestyle from educated staff, but he wasn’t expecting the other club members to enhance his experience.
MAC members have some pretty impressive backgrounds. From world-class doctors and lawyers to writers and architects, it’s hard to find such an eclectic group in one setting. Whether in the weight room or the locker room, Jerry has enjoyed stimulating conversations and has learned a lot from fellow members. The bond Jerry has formed with staff and fellow members make him look forward to coming to the club regularly. Seeing his fellow members working out so strenuously inspires him to do his best.

At 76 years old, Jerry frequents the club about three times a week during the winter and six times a week in the summer. He says, “at my age, keeping my health and strength constant is itself the goal and thus an ‘improvement’ over what it would have been without MAC.”

Jerry welcomes you to join in on the MAC conversations with him. Socializing is important to your health too!