Member Success Story Winners

Member Success Story Winners

January 2020: Paul Krueger

R Kilfoyle - Thursday, January 16, 2020

You can’t retire from health and life

Everyone goes through challenging changes in life, but those challenges don’t mean you have to slow down. Paul Krueger is a testament to that.

In 2015, Paul lost his wife and childhood sweetheart, Nancy, of 63 years. In his own words, “it was time for me to regroup and see my 84-year-old self in a new way”. Being no stranger to planning, and still a practicing architect, he set out on a plan to take care of himself so he could enjoy his later years. 

Upon the suggestion of a long-time friend and Mount Auburn Club member, Paul joined MAC and began working with Fitness Professional, Chris Hays and Registered Dietitian, Jen Jasmin. The duo gave Paul a plan for successful, healthy aging.

First, Jen helped turn Paul’s diet around. She studied his eating habits over an extended period of time and patiently explained how gradual changes could be made to lower the feeling of being overwhelmed. Jen gave tips on effective weight loss, showed him how to eat a balanced diet with foods he enjoyed, encouraged healthy snacking and pointed out something very valuable – healthy eating is good for the brain, too!

Paul continues to work with Chris, who stresses the importance of fitness in relation to everyday movement. For Paul, this approach is critical as he continues to work as an architect and doesn’t plan on retiring. Chris has tailored Paul’s exercise regimen to his lifestyle. “He has an uncanny knack for keeping my workouts interesting,” said Paul and, “he is a gentle task master, constantly stressing the need to execute each exercise with good form.” This moderate, regular exercise program has improved Paul’s cardiovascular fitness, gives him more energy, and helps him sleep more soundly.

Paul hopes his story about healthy aging will be significant to others, especially those who have no plans to retire.

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