Member Success Story Winners

Member Success Story Winners

May 2019: Marie Trost

- Tuesday, May 21, 2019

An avid exerciser gets her best results from joining MAC Nutrition and exercise guidance helps MAC member get heart healthy. 

Marie had been doing the same basic workout on three machines for years. Then, she became a member of MAC and learned an array of exercises and the benefits of having variety in her workouts. Now, she is having fun challenging her body with new classes and equipment.

In just under two years of being a member at MAC, Marie is more fit, her heart health has improved, and her relationship with food is better than ever. She believes she is thriving here because of the knowledgeable staff, the assortment of classes and the community as a whole.

Marie is most proud of what she has accomplished nutritionally. She has spent time with two MAC registered dietitians, Jen Jasmin and Julie Jacobsen, learning the best way to nourish her body. With their support, she has a healthier relationship with food and alcohol, no longer has cravings and is unexpectedly eating more!

Another unanticipated benefit of Marie’s improved health is the peace of mind it’s giving her adult daughter, who has seen her mom’s high blood pressure begin to normalize and her recent results improve.

If you are a member just beginning or struggling to prioritize exercise, Marie says, “just come, find what you like, try the classes, personal trainers, and dietitians.”

Thanks Marie for sharing your inspirational story. We think the future has a lot more benefits in store for you if you keep this up!


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