Member Success Story Winners

Member Success Story Winners

March 2019: Gary Cormier

Lauren Prokator - Wednesday, March 06, 2019

With our MAC Success Stories, we are proud to feature members of our community who have transformed or impacted their lives through healthy practices. Taking action often requires courage. We believe if people see others like themselves succeeding, it will help foster that courage. Our MAC team is here when they are ready to take the first step!

Gary joined MAC with the intention of losing weight, knowing that as he aged, his metabolism would continue to slow down. Five years later, Gary can proudly say that he not only lost weight and got in better shape, but his efforts positively affected many other aspects of his life.


Shortly after joining MAC, Gary began training with Fitness Professional, Mike Thornton. Mike paired him with additional MAC members for small group training sessions, which became key to Gary’s success. These small group workouts led to lasting friendships, support, and motivation inside and outside of the club. Gary and his classmates continue to cheer each other on and are there for one another through many of life’s challenges.

After five years of consistent exercise, Gary now enjoys activities he never did before. His attitude towards exercise changed from thinking, "that's impossible" to "I can do this!" Gary is able to handle stress better than before, and he has learned to not sweat the small stuff as much as he once did. In Gary’s own words “I walk out of the club exhausted, but full of endorphins that make me feel better."

For those new to exercise or struggling to make it a consistent part of their day, Gary has this advice – “Work out in a group at first to get your bearings and find support and encouragement. [MAC] doesn’t have to be all about getting in shape, it can be a place to make friends, commiserate, share stories and laugh a lot!"



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