Member Success Story Winners

Member Success Story Winners

June 2019: Kathleen Hagan

- Monday, June 17, 2019

One woman’s experience shows us that variety is the spice of life when maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

MAC member since 2015, Kathleen has come to realize: “It’s not rocket science to improve one’s fitness level and protect one’s health, but it does require persistence…and patience. It’s a process and one to be enjoyed and not endured.” Kathleen isn’t taking her health for granted. Instead, she is protecting her health through consistent, varied exercise and healthy eating.

Varying her workouts have been a differentiator for Kathleen. It keeps her interested and motivated to exercise. She goes to group classes – Zumba and Body Conditioning being two of her favorites – uses the pool and equipment and participates in the various group programs throughout the year. Exercise has helped her lose weight, improve her sleep, and better handle the stress that life can bring. She says one of the biggest changes is her mindset. Exercise is now less of a chore and more about her own self-care.

If you are just starting out at the MAC or are someone who is struggling to prioritize exercise, Kathleen has this advice for you: “Find something (equipment, classes, yoga, pool, or tennis, etc.) you enjoy, try different instructors and different times of the day to come, and then pick a routine and time that makes it easy to incorporate coming regularly to the club with a busy life.”

Thanks for your words of wisdom and for sharing your story Kathleen!

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