Member Success Story Winners

Member Success Story Winners

January 2019: Jerry Reisman

Lauren Prokator - Wednesday, January 16, 2019

January's Success Story Winner is Jerry Reisman!

How one man’s commitment to exercise saved his life!

Jerry has been a member of the MAC since 1978, joining when it was just six tennis courts. As MAC has expanded and grown, Jerry has enriched his life by taking advantage of everything MAC has to offer. He met his wife through the Friday Night Tennis Socials in 1979, trained for and participated in triathlons organized by the club, and used the club to recover from major surgery. Now, forty years after joining, he continues to start each day off at MAC.

Without exercise, Jerry would never have noticed his only symptom of heart disease: a sudden, increased difficulty during his daily runs. Jerry has always been a passionate exerciser and loves to challenge himself athletically. As a regular swimmer and biker, Jerry felt ready to take on a triathlon, which motivated him to start running. For years, Jerry ran three miles every morning at Fresh Pond, but in 2010 his running began to deteriorate. Aware of his family history of heart disease, he decided to see a doctor. In April 2010 he underwent quadruple bypass heart surgery. Ten days later, he was back at the club to begin his recovery. He believes running saved his life. If it weren’t for the weakening of his runs he never would have gone to the doctor.

As an emergency physician, Jerry knows the research on how regular, vigorous exercise benefits blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight loss and/or maintenance, and he has reaped these benefits himself: Jerry looks and feels much younger than he is, and even after his heart surgery, Jerry remains physically fit. After surgery and reflecting on the sequence of events, Jerry now believes running saved his life.

If you are struggling to prioritize your exercise, Jerry has this advice: decide whether you are motivated to do this on your own and, if not, work with a trainer to get you going and to hold you accountable. Exercise is too important not to prioritize!