Member Success Story Winners

Member Success Story Winners

February 2019: Mary Louise Piret

Lauren Prokator - Friday, February 01, 2019


February's Success Story Winner is Mary Louise Piret!

She found much more at Mount Auburn Club than a place to be healthy!

For Mary Louise, simply walking into the Mount Auburn Club and committing to a 12-month membership counted as a "win." From there, she promised herself she would come to the club regularly, get stronger, and create a healthy relationship with food. As someone who has struggled with regular exercise and healthy eating, Mary Louise sought help to accomplish her goals, knowing if she attempted to change on her own the challenges ahead would only be harder.

Mary Louise began by working with MAC Fitness Professional, Sergio Vinci, and Registered Dietitian, Jen Jasmin, RD, LDN. With their guidance and support, she learned what her individual body requires for exercise, and developed a unique nutrition plan that felt exciting instead of arduous. Most of all, her outlook on wellness changed. The idea of exercising and eating healthy transformed into something she now genuinely looks forward to.

Four years later, Mary Louise looks in the mirror and sees a determined woman who gets results. Her walk is taller and sturdier, and she has found a true community at MAC. From attending meditation classes weekly, catching up with friends, and enjoying tennis league matches, Mary Louise has formed bright relationships with many of MAC's members and staff.

Mary Louise happily looks forward to many more years at the MAC. Her advice to new members or others struggling to reach their goals is to know that it's okay to take a risk and ask for help from professionals, especially in the beginning, and to trust the process.

Congratulations on your success, Mary Louise. We are here cheering you on!