Member Success Story Winners

Member Success Story Winners

April 2019: Carol Anderson

Lauren Prokator - Monday, April 01, 2019

One woman learns to overcome lifelong adversities!

Since she was a young girl, Carol has suffered from knee pain, and exercising has often led to greater discomfort. In 2004, however, Carol was diagnosed with breast cancer. As she went through treatment and ultimately beat the cancer, she learned that regular exercise would be an important part of staying healthy for years to come.

Carol joined MAC in January of 2016. She quickly became part of the community by participating in MAC F.I.T, a group personal training program. The instructor's guidance and encouraging atmosphere were motivating enough to help her maintain a routine and keep coming back. She learned that there were many modifications available to help prevent pain during exercise and was able to manage her knee issues. Eventually, Carol wanted more personalized training and began working with Fitness Professional, Mike Thornton, two to three mornings each week.

Now, over two years later, she feels better than she ever expected and proud of her accomplishments. Carol wakes up in time for 6am training sessions, has more energy, sleeps better and is more productive at work. She recently helped her husband carry a couch down a couple of flights of stairs! Without her commitments to herself and to her exercise plan, Carol believes she would never have been capable of such an effort.

If you are new to exercise or struggling to prioritize it, Carol has this advice for you, “It is never too late to start working out and accommodations can be made for whatever challenges you have. MAC is a place that is focused on health and the support is amazing.”

Carol, you are amazing!

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