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Mike Thornton

Fitness Program Director

Mike was born and raised in Rochester, NY and played 15 years of competitive soccer. After college he relocated to Tampa, FL and pursued a career as a Chiropractor but decided to change focus to personal training and took a job with a private one-on-one studio for 3 years. There he worked with all types of clients of all ages from teens to late 80s. One of the great experiences he had was working with Miss Tampa Pageant Contestants and ultimately helping coach Miss Florida 1996 to the Miss America Pageant.

In 1998, Mike relocated to the Boston area to start a family and work at the Mount Auburn Club, where he has trained countless members, managed staff and promoted membership. In addition to the MAC, Mike has done volunteer work alongside Occupational and Physical Therapists, Coached Youth Soccer, ran the Boston Marathon (2013), and other road races and a Spartan obstacle race.

Certifications & Degrees

ACSM: Health Fitness Specialist American College of Sports Medicine 
ACSM: Well Coach Certification American College of Sports Medicine (Founding Member) 
AFAA: Personal Trainer Aerobics and Fitness Association of America 
Total Gym: Personal Training Instructor EFI Sports Medicine 
TRX: Personal Training Instructor
Kettlebell Concepts: Kettlebell Instructor
Reebok: One-on-One Flexibility Training
Commit to Get Fit: Wellness Coach Genavix
FMS: Functional Movement Screen Professional
Lifestyle Management Associates: Nutritional Specialist
MAFTI: Certified Trainer Mount Auburn Fitness Training Institute
CPR/AED & First Aid: Certified Adult/Child/Infant
Ithaca College: B.S. Exercise Science


"About a year and a half after I joined the MAC, a man with whom I had got into conversation in the audio-visual room asked why he had never noticed me before. 'I used to be fat,' I explained. 'Very fat.' And men just don't see fat women. We're invisible. We’re non-people. As you may surmise, I'm not fat now. Men do see me, even men who are much younger than I am. The whole world is a much friendlier place, in part because I feel so much better about myself. I'm a friendlier person than I used to be. I plunked down a year's membership money up front, so that I would feel obligated to follow through even if I detested it, and began. For my seventieth birthday party I wore a size 6 black silk Armani. Do I owe it all to the MAC? You bet. And to Mike Thornton, my non-judgmental, ultra-supportive "trainer," who keeps me coming back for more. And to all the other friendly faces around here that make me feel this is a place I want to be." - Nina

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