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Masha Proshutina

Fitness Professional

As a kid growing up in Izhevsk, Russia, Masha developed fond memories taking step aerobics and other group exercise classes with her mom. Inspired by her childhood experience, Masha began teaching group exercise while attending high school in the United States. She took to the craft with enthusiasm, and to this day group exercise instruction is one of her biggest passions. Over the years she has taught a variety of class formats including low impact aerobics, step aerobics, muscle conditioning, boot camp, spinning, and high-intensity interval training.

During graduate school, Masha continued teaching group exercise, and she also took up one-on-one personal training. As a trainer, she worked with men and women of different ages, fitness levels, and physical abilities. Working with individuals helped Masha develop a new perspective about motivation and exercise adherence. She realized that the desire to move has to come from “within” and not from the “outside” world and that often people are exercising for the wrong reasons. In her Master’s Thesis “Exercise Dependence and Body Image in Endurance Athletes,” for which Masha conducted her own research, she examined negative exercise behaviors and appearance-based motivation. Following graduate school, Masha worked as a Fitness Specialist at Green Mountain at Fox Run, an all-women residential wellness retreat that utilizes a holistic, non-diet approach to weight-loss. Green Mountain focuses not just on healthy actions but also on healthy attitudes, an approach that has influenced Masha’s personal philosophy toward healthy living.

Certifications & Degrees

ACSM: American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
CFSC: Certified Functional Strength Coach

AFAA: Athletics an Fitness Association of America Certified Group Exercise Instructor
TRX: Personal Training Instructor
Kettlebell Concepts: Kettlebell Instructor
FMS: Functional Movement Screen Professional
MAFTI: Certified Trainer Mount Auburn Fitness Training Institute
CPR/AED & First Aid: Certified
Ithaca College: M.S. in Exercise and Sport Science and M.S. in Health Education

Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania: B.S. in Education with a concentration in Health and Physical Education


"I have known Masha for two years. She was my personal trainer and is very passionate about the field of health and fitness. She is such a wonderful teacher and has helped me achieve the goals I never thought I could. I consider her one of my closest friends and respect her honesty and integrity very much. Masha is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are outstanding. I am so impressed with her level of maturity. She takes initiative to see things through, no matter the challenges. Masha has a wonderful personality and knows how to balance working hard and having fun. I enjoyed working with her, and know that you will not find anyone that will work harder at helping you succeed than Masha."- Julie W.

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