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Kelli Lawless

Fitness Professional

Kelli, a local native, was born and raised in Newton, MA. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship from Framingham State University. During her freshman year of college, Kelli suffered from severe lower back pain. She researched and learned about exercise and fitness as a potential solution, furthering her knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and proper form. As Kelli implemented this new information into her own life and made physical activity a priority, she realized the benefits of a comprehensive approach. She discovered stretching and resistance training helped alleviate her lower back pain. This personal relief led to a desire to help others in their health and fitness journeys. Kelli seeks to communicate the importance of exercise and physical activity, its role in a better quality of life and to help clients reap the benefits, just as she has!  

Kelli began her fitness career teaching a Bootcamp style class for people of all ages, with up to 20 participants. Knowing how to modify and help her students improve their form is her specialty. She loves to motivate others and helps her clients maintain a positive attitude, always. When Kelli isn’t working, you might find her in the gym working on her own personal fitness or at the nearest paint bar, as she loves art! She is passionate about the Chakras, or energy systems of the body, and believes balance within this system can help everyone have more wellness and positivity in each area of life.

Fitness is so much more than exercise. It creates a positive change and affects every aspect of your life.

Kelli is a true believer that finding the reason, the driving force, to be physically active helps motivate her clients throughout the fitness journey. Asking ‘why am I doing this?’ can be a very powerful question. Discovering one’s personal answer can eliminate doubt and be motivating, with plenty of momentum, to achieve our desired results. Fitness can be challenging and sometimes uncomfortable. To overcome those challenges, one must remember their motivation! To Kelli, fitness is much more than simply exercise. She understands it is physical in nature, but it can positively change one’s life mentally and emotionally as well. Kelli believes positive change and improved health in all areas is not only possible but attainable regardless of age, ability, experience or other self-imposed limiting factors. She helps her clients create a better life. Kelli knows improvements require patience, but with the proper modifications, workouts, form, and motivation, we can accomplish more than we think.

Certifications & Degrees

NASM: National Academy of Sports Medicine
MAFTI: Certified Trainer Mount Auburn Fitness Training Institute
TRX: Certified Level 1 
CPR/AED & First Aid: Certified


“Kelli was my trainer for about 22 months. I wanted to find a trainer who could help me regain enjoyment in working out regularly as well as help me regain strength, balance, and confidence in my body after suffering from a cyst on my neck. Kelli was the perfect trainer for me. She was thoughtful of my weak side in our training sessions but did not let her sensitivity keep her from pushing me to become stronger in each session. Kelli had an enthusiastic, sunny demeanor and was clearly passionate about helping her clients improve their condition. Each workout was goal-oriented and fun! Without fail, Kelli would bring to my attention the proper form of each exercise and the warnings about improper form. She mixed weights and intervals of cardio with lots of repetitions. She covered specific muscle groups with concentrations on certain ones each session. She pushed me much farther than I would have ever pushed myself. I am fully recovered from my injury and am vastly more fit and stronger prior to my injury thanks to Kelli. She is the perfect trainer, no matter what injury or goal you have, she will get you there feeling better than ever!” -Allison

“I started off training with Kelli once a week, and then later started seeing her twice a week because it was so beneficial and helpful. She was very passionate about fitness and very attentive to form during all sessions. She made sure to create a lively and fun environment during sessions, while still making sure I was getting a challenging and safe workout in. I had bad knees while seeing Kelli and she gave me proper foam rolling and stretching techniques to do before and during workouts. She also gave me proper modifications to do during the workouts if my knees hurt. I always hated going to the gym, but started to find it fun when I had sessions with Kelli since she made it enjoyable. I never left without feeling like I had gotten a great workout in, especially since each session was different than the last. After the first few months of seeing Kelli, I can positively say I had minimal pain in my knees, and had lost several pounds due to my challenging yet fun workouts! She taught me the benefits of working out; that they weren’t just physical, but also mental and emotionally beneficial as well. She creates a positive and safe atmosphere when training, and she is the reason I started to enjoy working out! I highly recommend working with Kelli!!” -Lisa

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