Meet Our Trainers

Jennah Jacobs


Fitness Professional

Growing up in North Attleboro, MA, Jennah was always moving - playing soccer, running track, dancing, and cheerleading. After graduating from Brandeis University, Jennah worked at a community health center as a women’s health case manager and then moved to Barranquilla, Colombia to teach English. She taught Yoga to her students after school and through this experience, she discovered a passion for teaching movement and body awareness. Upon returning to the U.S., Jennah pursued a career in Personal Training and Yoga instruction. Despite her active lifestyle, she developed chronic body pain due to an autoimmune illness. This catalyzed her interest in holistic approaches for improved health and wellbeing. Jennah immersed herself in the movement and biomechanics world by reading, taking workshops, and learning from as many experts as possible.

Jennah is now dedicated to moving, in a variety of ways, pain-free. She is committed to a career in which she can help clients feel capable and confident in their movements as well as their bodies. Jennah combines her holistic approach with movement strategies to improve long-term health. She seeks to find the most effective techniques to assist clients and recognizes the importance of tailoring plans to meet each individual’s needs, experiences, and intentions.

Jennah believes in challenging our 21st-century sedentary lifestyle. She works to empower her clients to take active roles in their fitness and wellness journeys and to develop safe and trusting relationships with their bodies and minds. Maximizing both physical and mental results together is the goal. She recognizes movement, a vital human nutrient, as a necessity for success and fulfillment in our lives. She believes in a holistic approach to training and that all of us can continue to improve and practice moving better, moving in different ways, and moving more often. She recognizes that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Variation is natural, beautiful, and real. Because no one person’s experiences are the same, she believes it is important to have a flexible, customized approach, but one that is tethered to an action plan. Her training focuses on longevity and movement-sustainability for the client and believes we can always be learning more about how to improve results and improve functionality.

Certifications and Degrees

NASM: Certified Personal Trainer National Academy of Sports Medicine
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health: Certified Yoga Teacher
MAFTI: Certified Trainer Mount Auburn Fitness Training Institute
Incubator Program: Community Yoga Teacher
CFSC: Certified Functional Strength Coach
TRX: Personal Training Instructor
Neurokinetic Therapy: Level 1 Certificate of attendance
Your Deep Core: a Full Breath and Lifetime Resilience with Tom Myers
 - Alignment and human movement on and off the mat
 - How stretching affects the tissues of the body
 - The different types of muscle contractions and how they matter in yoga
CPR/AED & First Aid: American Red Cross CPR/AED Certified
Brandeis University: B.A. in Arts and Health: Science, Society, Policy and International and Global Studies
University of Tarapacá: SIT Chile: Public health, traditional Medicine, and community empowerment

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