Fitness Center

Fitness Training at MAC

Our team works with you to determine what healthy fitness looks like for you—and then helps you create a plan to achieve your goals. (Read more about our New Member Integration program.)

We view fitness training as an educational process, which means when you work with our trainers, they’ll actually teach you how to get fit and stay safe—not simply make you sore the next day.

You’ll start by identifying your goals, and then working with your trainer to learn what you’ll need to do to reach them. The whole process will be customized to you—based on your health and lifestyle, and incorporating appropriate exercises that will inspire you to (gently and safely) push yourself past what you thought you were capable of accomplishing.

Don’t settle for “average” results or trainers who put you at risk with a one-size-fits-all approach… Make safe fitness a part of your life with a MAC fitness professional.

If you’re interested in discussing a customized program—without any pressure or obligation—call or Email Jason Deranian, MAC Fitness Director at (617) 923-2255 ext. 404.

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