Movement and Flexibility Classes

Movement and Flexibility

Barre Workout

Workout using the Ballet Barre to perform exercises applying elements of Ballet, Pilates, yoga, with a fusion of strength training, body weight movement, core stability and balance - all designed to give you a lean, dancer-like physique. Absolutely no dance experience required. View Schedule

Ballet Barre

Classical ballet exercises performed at the barre to improve grace, flexibility, balance and strength; followed by center work including jumps and leaps. View Schedule

Foam Roller & Pilates

Learn to use self-massage techniques to improve the functioning of your connective tissue. Healthy connective tissue supports everything in your body and can improve your Pilates form and movement as well as improve other physical problems. Not your typical Pilates class. View Schedule


A unique program of seated movements that flow in a rhythmical manner to increase spinal and joint mobility. Perfect for all ages and fitness levels. View Schedule

Jazz Dance

Express yourself in the style of Fosse, Horton, modern jazz and blues in this class of dance technique & choreography. View Schedule

Lisa's Stretch

Lengthen tense muscles while opening tight joints to the sounds of blues, jazz, opera and classical music. View Schedule

Pilates Cross Training

Combines Pilates principles to strength training exercises for a total body workout. View Schedule


Fusion class which integrates the muscle sculpting of Pilates with yogic postures. A challenging, holistic, playful workout designed to create mind body harmony. All levels welcome. View Schedule


This cardio dance class combines movements from yoga, tai chi, Tae Kwon Do, Jazz & Modern Dance to create a workout like no other. View Schedule


Meaning "skill in using energy", is a series of sitting, standing or moving practices to improve overall wellbeing and reduce stress. Let the graceful moves of QiGong fine tune your senses, supercharge your immune system, and invigorate your mind and body! View Schedule

Stretch & Strengthen

Increase flexibility and ease of movement in a relaxing environment with gentle stretches. View Schedule

Tai Chi

Classified as a "soft" or "internal" branch of martial arts, Tai Chi is a form of moving meditation. Bring about a state of mental calm and clarity while learning the basic movements and principals of Tai Chi. All are welcome to these drop-in classes! View Schedule