Mind Body Classes

Mind Body

Anusara Inspired Yoga

Through dynamic movement and balanced energetic action based on the Universal Principles of Alignment, this class will help you develop and expand your yoga practice. View Schedule

Balance + Foundation Yoga

Fun, transformational class to help build a strong foundation through balance, deep alignment and mindful breathing. Release tension, reduce tightness and increase fluidity in your body and mind while strengthening your practice. All levels welcome. View Schedule

Hatha Yoga Basics

This classic style balances the practice of meditative mindfulness and breath, with slow execution of physical postures. View Schedule

Iyengar Yoga

Founded by the great yoga master BKS Iyengar, this style focuses on executing classic poses with precision and attention to form through the use of blankets, straps & blocks. View Schedule

Joyful Yoga

Students of all ages, levels, and abilities may enjoy this yoga class focusing on a theme, reading, poem or other inspiration. Participants will be guided through poses, breathing techniques, and meditation to strengthen the body and mind, plus increase flexibility. View Schedule

Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu yoga is a slow & meditative form of yoga that is considered to be one of the gentler forms. Suited for beginners. View Schedule

Sunrise Yoga

Start your day off by working on a wider spectrum of challenging poses in a slow and expansive way. Good for those with some yoga experience and ready for something more energetic. View Schedule

Svaroopa Yoga

In this healing style of yoga, your body is supported in gentle poses which carefully & gradually release the deepest layers of tension in the body. A must for everyone! View Schedule

Vinyasa Yoga

Focus on posture and alignment as you perform “asanas” or yoga postures arranged into different sequences of breath-synchronized movement! View Schedule

Yin Yang Yoga

Increase flexibility while balancing energy in this unique class which combines the flowing, active, dynamic style of Vinyasa (Yang) with long-held passive poses (Yin). Target the deep connective tissue, ligaments, and fascia of the body while calming the mind and nervous system. View Schedule

Yoga For Beginners

Learn how to begin a safe and fulfilling yoga practice. Includes detailed instruction of physical postures, safe alignment, yogic breathing, basic meditation techniques, and relaxation. Good if you are new to yoga or looking to refresh your understanding of the fundamentals. All levels welcome. View Schedule

Yoga For Everyone

Carefully journey through a series of postures that promote mental calmness, improve flexibility, boost strength, enhance resilience, and relieve stress. All levels welcome. View Schedule

Pilates Mat

Pilates is a method of exercise named after its’ 1930’s originator, Joseph Pilates. Classical and modified strengthening and toning exercises, as well as stretching, are further enhanced with small apparatus, including balls, rings, foam rollers and bands.

Pilates Level I

Pilates Level I reviews the 6 principles of Pilates (concentration, coordination, centering, method breathing, precision, and flow.) Ideal for beginners. View Schedule

Pilates Level II

Pilates Level II puts the parts together in increasingly challenging exercises for a total body workout. View Schedule

Pilates Cross Training

Pilates Cross Training is an application of Pilates principles to strength training exercises for a total body workout. View Schedule