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FIT30 Part 3: Tennis30

MAC Fitness Team - Saturday, February 02, 2019

What is Tennis30?

Whether you play competitively, for fun, or just to stay in shape, Tennis30 offers cardio, strength, agility, and stretching exercises to help tennis players of all levels improve their game. Each session provides specifically designed warm ups and cool downs for your upcoming tennis match/lesson, but most importantly, Tennis30 helps develop the muscles and movements needed to play tennis and stay injury free. Throughout this 30-minute interval workout, we will use a wide range of equipment including agility ladders, dumbbells, kettlebells, cables and bands, slam balls and more.

Far too often, tennis players wait until it is too late to add fitness to their tennis routines. It is not until they begin to feel pain in the knees and elbows or develop more severe injuries that players decide to focus on the fitness component of the sport. Pairing both fitness training and the tennis game will ensure that you can stay healthy and pain-free on the court. With consistency and hard work, you can say goodbye to the knee, elbow, and ankle braces, and no longer need to ice your joints after your match!

It only takes 30 minutes of your day to take care of your body and improve your tennis game.

Will McEwen, MAC Personal Trainer and Tennis30 instructor, believes in the power of movement and using his extensive knowledge of exercise physiology to improve the lives of people from all walks of life. A life-long tennis player, basketball player, and adventure-seeker, Will loves using both team and individual settings to motivate others to improve their levels of fitness.