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MAC Nutrition - Thursday, September 21, 2017

The MAC Now Has the InBody 570!

Have you ever been frustrated when the number on the scale just won’t budge? Maybe you feel you’ve been working really hard at the gym and trying to eat well, and you can’t figure out why your weight isn’t going down. This can be incredibly discouraging, and you may even start to feel like all that effort you’re putting in to your health and fitness just isn’t worth it!

Fitness professionals and dietitians see this kind of discouragement all the time. However, the truth is, the number on a regular scale really doesn’t tell you all that much. It tells you how much you weigh, and that’s it! So if you’ve been working hard to strength train and eat balanced meals, you may actually be gaining muscle, which will look like an increase in weight on the scale. Gaining muscle is a great thing, and overall helps to decrease your percent body fat, but again, the scale isn’t telling you this!

This conundrum is one of many reasons why the Mount Auburn Club has decided to provide InBody services to its members. The InBody 570 is a device that is essentially an extremely detailed scale. In addition to measuring weight, it also tells you all about your body composition, including percent body fat, lean body mass in different segments of the body, visceral fat, skeletal muscle mass, and body water analysis. It provides all of this information with great accuracy, comparable to medical gold standards of body composition analysis.

The InBody 570 works through bioelectrical impedance, which means that it sends safe electrical currents through the body, and depending on how much the current is impeded by the body tissues, it can determine what those tissues are made of. While most bioelectrical impedance scales use one current, the InBody 570 uses three currents, which makes it capable of greater accuracy and detail than other bioelectrical impedance scales.

Because of the superior technology of the InBody 570, it also performs its analysis without running any algorithms based on age, gender, or perceived fitness level. This means that the machine is not making any assumptions based on information you give it and then calculating the results; it just analyzes your actual physical body.

The InBody can tell you exactly what is going on in your body, and can help you track your fitness and health progress. It excels at helping people improve imbalances in the body, re-gain muscle after an injury, and shift body composition towards muscle and away from fat. It provides invaluable information to people at any stage in their fitness and health journeys.

The Mount Auburn Club is so excited to share this amazing piece of technology with its members in order to help them reach their goals. InBody results will be expertly interpreted and analyzed for you by one of our fitness professionals or registered dietitians. A session will cost $20 for MAC members, $40 for non-members, and will be included in the cost of some training sessions and nutrition appointments. Using the scale once per month or every few months will allow you to closely track your progress and adjust your fitness and nutrition plans in order to reach your goals. We hope this new addition to the MAC will prove to be helpful and valuable to you!   

This month's blog contribution comes from Louisa Paine, Registered Dietitian at The Mount Auburn Club.

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