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Movement Analysis - MAC Movement Philosophy Part 3

Jason Deranian - Thursday, March 09, 2017

Got pain? First move well, and then, move often.

Notes from this month's MAC Blog Contributor, Fitness Professional, Chris Hays:

Your bones and joints are meant to align in a specific arrangement. You often hear this referred to as posture. Your bones and joints are also designed to move in particular ranges. You have heard this referred to as the range of motion. When your bones and joints do not align in the arrangement that they were designed to it can often cause poor posture, limited range of motion, and all too often, pain. This is where corrective exercises come in.

Corrective exercises are exercises or movements that are designed to teach you or, rather, re-teach you old movement patterns. I say re-teach and old because we are, for the most part, born with the potential for excellent posture and superior ranges of motion. It is our lifestyle (sitting for long periods of time, standing with your hips cocked to one side or hunched over our cell phones and computers) that wreaks havoc on our posture.  When you put your body in these poor postures for long periods of time our body can adapt to these new postures because that was our bodies do, they adapt. Think ‘survival of the fittest’. 

If you’re suffering from upper back pain, shoulder pain, or neck pain, here is an example of a corrective exercise that, when done properly and consistently over time, will correct that posture:

  1. Lay with your back flat on the floor, knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
  2. Start with your hands near your shoulders with palms facing the ceiling.
  3. Take a large breath in through the nose, purse your lips and exhale through the mouth while reaching your arms overhead along the floor.
  4. Press your entire back into the floor as your press overhead while trying to keep the back of your palms on the floor the entire time.
  5. As you press overhead, think of forming the letter “Y”.

Do 6-8 of these 2-3 times before your workout and you should see a noticeable difference after only a few weeks.

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