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Movement Analysis - MAC Movement Philosophy Part 2

Jason Deranian - Thursday, February 16, 2017

Is your workout working for you?

One day you're feeling fit and the next day you feel some aches and pains dragging you down. Like most of us, your doctor is checking your general health and your dentist is taking care of your teeth, but who's checking to see if your body's movement is serving you well?

Part Two of the MAC Movement Philosophy: Functional fitness is based on replicating movements required in real-life situations. It usually involves the core musculature along with multiple joints, such as during a squat pattern using the ankles, knees and hips. The MAC Fitness Professionals dive a little deeper than just prescribing functional exercises. We use a system to measure and track how you perform a series of movements. This testing method, known as the MAC Movement Analysis, allows the fitness professional to identify primary areas of focus. Together, you and your fitness professional can learn about the way your own body moves and finally figure out how to address that nagging knee pain...or back pain...or hip pain, possibly for good! 

Here's one you can check on your own to assess balance on one leg:
1. Stand on a firm surface without shoes (be sure to have a wall nearby for stability assistance and safety).
2. Raise your right leg until your foot is at the height of the knee.
3. Hold the position for as long as possible, up to 20 seconds.
4. Take note of any difficulty and record how long you were able to hold steady.
5. Repeat on the opposite side.
6. Retest again after about 6 weeks of incorporating balance-related exercises into your routine.

Did both sides seem equal or did you wobble more on one than the other? Discovering imbalances and areas for improvement are just two of the benefits these simple assessments can provide. Working on balance can translate into safer movement, improved gait and contribute to fall prevention factors. Check in with us today to set up a complimentary appointment and learn more about yourself and the way your body moves.

Get to know the MAC Movement Analysis!

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