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Functional Movement - MAC Movement Philosophy Part 1

Jason Deranian - Thursday, January 19, 2017

Stop spinning your wheels during your workout and take a look at the basics of movement

Have you ever felt that your routine is lacking something you can’t quite put your finger on? You are putting in the time and effort on the elliptical and consistently doing your weight routine, but after expending your energy you still are not seeing results you hoped for. It might not be the effort of your workout that needs adjusting, but the way you are getting your body ready for activity and even more specifically, your approach to strength training.

Here’s a potentially new term for you: functional movement. The term, functional movement, was born from the fundamental movements we naturally learn as we grow and development from infants. The patterns: rolling, pushing up, quadruped, and crawling are all primitive patterns we strive to master in order to develop effective functional movement. We begin learning these movements when we begin to crawl. As we age, the complexity of these movements increases through the stages of development. Unfortunately, the same may be true for the complexity of our lives. For some of us, life becomes busier, we spend more time sitting and less time being active. Dysfunction may begin to take over which may lead to poor movement habits. Sitting all day for work may tighten and weaken muscles. Over-training through repetitive activity or improper intensity may also increase the chances of dysfunction. When proper functional movement is reintroduced, it may help reset and even eliminate some of these poor habits. Retraining correct movement may help with overall quality and efficiency of our workouts thus leading to improved results over time.

By strength training and using a functional movement system, we can identify where we may have imbalances.  With the help of our Fitness Professionals, you may reduce your risk of injury through recommended corrective exercises. It just might be the answer you have been searching for! Keep your activity level up, feel better moving so you can live and enjoy life longer.

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This month's MAC Blog Contributor is MAC Member Integration Coordinator, Christina Mulcahy, ACSM EP-C. Read more about the MAC Integration Program here.

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