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Fad or Fiction - March 2019: Should You Hire a Personal Trainer?

MAC Fitness Team - Friday, March 01, 2019

Why Everyone Needs a Personal Trainer

Chris Hays, Mount Auburn Club Fitness Department Manager and Certified Personal Trainer, brings over ten years experience to his craft. He believes in continuous learning and following today's best-practices, which allows him to coach his clients from a place of knowledge and confidence. His balanced approach to health and fitness is inviting to clients of all levels and abilities, from the young athlete to a more mature population of health-seekers. Here, Chris gives his take on this month’s featured fitness question.

 Have you ever thought about hiring a personal trainer? Allow me to explain why, despite my bias, personal trainers are an important resource for you to maintain excellent health and quality of life. Here are five great reasons to hire a personal trainer:

1. Knowledge
Your trainer is going to have the most up to date information about the science of exercise and getting results. We trainers are passionate about what we do and it’s in our nature to constantly be doing research and experiments to make sure that what we do is relevant to our clients and the most effective it can be, for all ages, ability levels, and any injuries you may have. And let’s be honest, there’s a lot of BS out there right now. Utilize your trainer to help sift through what will actually help you accomplish your goals and what’s BS.
2. Accountability
You’ve all been at the gym on January 1st. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been at the gym February 1st. There’s a big difference in those 30 days when it comes to attendance. Most people fail to hit their New Year’s Resolutions simply because they don’t have the accountability they need to keep going when the motivation gets stifled and slowly starts to drift away. Your trainer will be there by your side cheering you on the whole time. The key to success is consistency, not intensity. Do the small things savagely well and it’s inevitable that you’ll see the results you want.
3. Encouragement
As stated above, motivation will eventually vanish. Motivation is a very fickle thing and it comes and goes with each day and week and year. It’s important to find the right kind of motivator to keep your eye on the ultimate prize: a consistent and healthy exercise routine. Often times finding something deeper and more personable to attach to that motivation will help you keep the fire alive.
If you are constantly being driven by aesthetics or strength gains, you’ll lose sight of what’s really important to you. Things such as being able to pick up grandkids, ski without injuring yourself, or even being able to perform daily activities without aches or pains or getting out of breath will keep you driven more than losing fat for vanities sake. Let your trainer help find the encouragement that YOU need!
4. Set Goals
Goals are important. Setting the right goals is even more important. Your trainer can help you set the right goals at the right time and help you map out a plan to achieve those goals. If you make goals too lofty, you’ll never hit them. The discouragement from that failure alone will keep you out of the gym and lead to steps backward from your goal. Too easy goals and you’ll be crushing them left and right without making any real progress.
The idea is to find the right goals that will push you just outside of your comfort zone so that you’re capable of taking more steps and even becoming more resilient when the times get tough. For a lot of people who look for weight loss as a priority goal to them, diet is just as important as exercise. Whether it’s working on portion control, managing a health condition via nutrition, disseminating the science and understanding the most current recommendations, or devising practical applications to help you reach your health and fitness goals, schedule a time to meet with the MAC Registered Dietitians to get a personalized nutrition plan that complements your training. 
Remember that it’s all about doing the simple things savagely well and doing them over and over and over again. Your trainer can help guide you through the hoops and break down the barriers that stand between you and your goals.
5. Have Fun
Exercise is not always fun all of the time. Even your favorite trainer will tell you that there are days when exercise seems more like a chore than a fun hobby. That’s life. But it shouldn’t be like that all of the time. If you’re not enjoying the process, you’re not going to reap the rewards of all your hard work. Achieving your goals is as much mental as it is physical. The more you can enjoy the often mundane process of hitting up the gym before the sun rises, or showing up after a long, hard day at work, the simpler the process will become.
Maybe you are in a rut and not enjoying exercise because you’ve been doing the same exact thing for months or even years on end. Perhaps switching things up is just what you need. Or, maybe you’ve been switching things up too much and that is what is stifling your progress. Perhaps what you need is a better program that focuses on better execution of basic exercises performed at a relatively higher intensity. Perhaps you need to see results more quickly, to keep you motivated and put the spark back into exercise. Whatever it is, your trainer will know what YOU need and deliver the right dose of the right medicine to help kick start the fun engine.
If your perception of a personal trainer is the likes of a cheerleader or a drill sergeant, you’ve been misled and watching too many infomercials promoting the shake weight and the thigh master. Personal trainers wear many caps and can help you achieve more than you ever thought you were capable of both physically and mentally. I challenge you to try one out for 30 days and see if it doesn’t change your life!