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Fad or Fiction? - Nov 2018

MAC Fitness Team - Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Advice is everywhere. Should you follow a system when working out?

Chris Hays, Mount Auburn Club Fitness Department Manager and Certified Personal Trainer, brings over ten years experience to his craft. He believes in continuous learning and following today's best-practices, which allows him to coach his clients from a place of knowledge and confidence. His balanced approach to health and fitness is inviting to clients of all levels and abilities, from the young athlete to a more mature population of health-seekers. Here, Chris gives his take on this month’s featured fitness question.

Do you have a system for your exercise program? Yes! The Mount Auburn Fitness Training Institute (MAFTI), is Mount Auburn Club’s exclusive training system. It was created by our fitness team and developed by our trainers to systematize our training philosophies and methodologies. A key component of our MAFTI program is its prioritization of keeping training sessions unique and based on the needs of our individual members.

Here at the Mount Auburn Club, we want people to move better and feel better. We help our members achieve this with a balanced body and an integrated functional approach to exercise that is based on our team’s years of education and experience in the exercise and wellness fields. MAC trainers know that the old methods of training one or two body parts at a time often lead to imbalances in the body, which result in compensation patterns that ultimately cause more harm than good.

MAFTI’s goal is to help your body move and feel better as an entire unit. For instance, imagine yourself doing a squat or deadlift in the gym. Squats and deadlifts are a necessary movement for everyday life—they are how we stand up from chairs, unload the dishwasher, set the dinner table, do loads of laundry, and they take more balance, strength, and coordination than you may realize.  If an individual cannot squat properly, a different training program might add weight to the movement in hopes of improving strength. But at the Mount Auburn Club, we know that loading weight onto an incorrect movement pattern will only add strength to dysfunction and often leads to injury.
Instead, MAFTI recognizes that it is more important to work on the mobility of the hips and stability of the knees to improve the movement pattern it takes to squat. Our members are subsequently given exercises to help them in these areas, which, in addition to helping with squatting, improves members’ overall strength, coordination, and mobility and can lead to improvements in many activities.

Utilizing the MAFTI philosophy, MAC trainers can assure that all of our members are training under the latest scientific protocols. The first rule of our MAFTI program is to “do no harm” to the client via exercises that seem “in” according to fitness blogs or magazines, or via exercises that could work on one member, but be dangerous for another. This tenet, combined with the rest of our philosophy and our prioritization of developing individualized fitness plans, creates the best possible program for improving clients’ overall health and helping our members reach their fitness goals.