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5 tips to stay on track during vacation

MAC Fitness Team - Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Integrating exercise into your daily routine can be a struggle, let alone while on your summer getaway. Vacation, however, shouldn’t be synonymous with being sedentary and unhealthy. Research shows a reduction in exercise for even a short period of time can have health consequences. You can still have a relaxing vacation and get in some exercise too! The key is to just keep your body moving and get creative to find opportunities to be active.

1. Have a plan

If you are going to a new place or area, first check and see if there are any gyms around you. You could look into getting a day pass, or sometimes places even have a full free week pass. If you aren’t someone who thinks they will go to the gym on vacation, or there are no gyms near the area you are staying, NO PROBLEM! Just bring some resistance bands and some ankle weights and get to work outside!

Finding things surrounding you outside are great to utilize for your workouts. If you are at a park, find a bench and do some squats and step ups using the ledge of the bench. Use the edge of the bench to do some planks and push-ups. If you are on a beach, utilize that and go for a walk or even a run. While you’re at it, go into some lunges down and back as well and bring some resistance bands to add some fun! Attach the bands to a pole or a bench to get in some upper body and core work. Get creative and utilize what is surrounding you, the possibilities are endless!

2. Make time for your workouts

Make sure to put aside time to work out. Put it in your planner or to-do list for the day. Get up early and start the day off with a workout, that way it is done and now you have the rest of the day to enjoy and relax! Make sure that if you don’t work out each day, to at least stay fit and get out for a walk each day and move your body. It doesn’t take much to just go for a walk around the block or the beach, but it goes a long way for your health.

3. Keep up with your nutrition

It is easy to indulge in foods and sweets on a daily basis, but when we are on vacation, the temptation kicks in a little bit more. Calories on vacation still count! Keep yourself accountable, download a calorie counter on your phone to make sure you have to log in all your food details each day. Plan ahead and bring some protein bars with you on your trip or go to the grocery store and stock up on food items to make during the days instead of eating out every day. There are plenty of options to stay healthy while still enjoying some sweets!

4. Stay hydrated

Make sure to constantly be drinking water throughout the days. When we are on vacation, many of us tend to forget to drink water, which is so important, especially if you are going to be in the sun for most of the day.

5. Don’t sweat it and have fun

Remember that you are on vacation to relax. If you don’t work out every day or you slip up on some meals, try not to stress about it too much. Use these tips to help you every day to try your best to stay on track while still being able to indulge in some desserts and meals. The goal is to create a lifestyle when it comes to fitness and nutrition. Stay active and have fun!

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