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Mind / Body

Effective May 2014


Kripalu Yoga - Kripalu yoga is a slow & meditative form of yoga that is considered to be one of the gentler forms, & is best suited for beginners.

Svaroopa Yoga - Svaroopa Yoga is a dramatically different style of hatha yoga which follows a systematic paradigm. This paradigm is a technology which releases muscles tensions from the deepest layer of skeletal muscle that begin at the tailbone and end at the skull. Through intricate connections with the 32 major pairs of spinal nerves, every muscle, nerve and gland of the body is improved. By releasing muscle tensions from the "mainframe" foundational muscles, and through their muscular pathways, there is a universal tension release throughout the entire muscular system. In addition, when tensions release, not only does the body improve but the mind loses its stress and deeper states of internal calm, equilibrium and bliss become more apparent.

Vinyasa Yoga - Sometimes called "Power Yoga", this style practices flowing sequences of postures that heat the body, challenge muscular strength and increase flexibility.

Hatha Yoga - This classic style balances the practice of meditative mindfulness and breath, with the slow execution of physical postures.

Iyengar Yoga - Founded by the great yoga master BKS Iyengar, this style focuses on executing classic poses with precision & attention to form through the use of blankets, straps & blocks.

Anusara inspired Yoga - Founded by modern guru, John Friend, this heart-felt style of yoga emphasizes the intention of the practice based on the Universal Principles of Alignment.

Fit Flow Yoga - Yoga class for people who want to flow, breathe and even sweat a little.

Joyful Yoga - Students of all ages, levels, and abilities may enjoy this yoga class focusing on a theme, reading, poem or other inspiration. Participants will be guided through poses, breathing techniques, and meditation to strengthen the body and mind, plus increase flexibility.

Sunrise Yoga - Start your day off by working on a wider spectrum of challenging poses in a slow and expansive way. Good for those with some yoga experience and ready for something more energetic.

Yoga for Everyone - Carefully journey through a series of postures that promote mental calmness, improve flexibility, boost strength, enhance resilience, and relieve stress. ALL LEVELS WELCOME.

Yoga Fundamentals - Build or improve the foundation of your yoga practice as you explore specific alignment of poses as well as the relationship of movement, breath, meditation and relaxation. Perfect for stress relief and overall well being.

Yoga Going Deeper - This class goes deeper into the grounding principles of Anusara Yoga, a unique blend of open heart, precise alignment, and balanced action. For those familiar with Yoga of simply eager to learn!

T'ai Chi

T'ai Chi [ALP] - T'ai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese discipline involving a formal series of choreographed movements that are re-knowned for their stress-relieving effects on both body and mind. Pre-registration is required for each 8-week session. No drop-ins are allowed.

T'ai Chi Principles (ALP) – Learn internal aspects of Tai Chi, like proper stance, cloud hands, and more. All are welcome. Drop-ins allowed.

T'ai Chi Level I (ALP) – For the person with Tai Chi expertise, begin a progression to learn the sequence of moves of Wu style short form. No drop-ins allowed; pre-registration required.



Pilates Mat - Pilates is a method of exercise named after its' 1930's originator, Joseph Pilates.  Classical and modified strengthening and toning exercises, as well as stretching, are futher enhanced with small apparatus including balls, rings, foam rollers and bands.

Level I reviews the 6 principles of Pilates (concentration, coordination, centering, method breathing, precision, and flow) and is perfect for beginners.
Level II puts the parts together in increasingly challenging exercises for a total body workout.

Melt Pilates - MELT Method techniques using a soft roller can release long standing issues (including pain) and improve functioning. If you are having difficulty doing Pilates or simply want more flexibility and strength, better balance and coordination, try MELT Pilates. Leah Becker is a certified MELT Method and a certified Stott Pilates instructor.

Pilates Cross Training



Lisa's Stretch - Lengthen tense muscles while opening tight joints to the sounds of blues, jazz, opera and classical music.

Stretch and Strengthen [ALP] - Increase flexibility and ease of movement in a relaxing environment with gentle stretches.

Gyrokinesis - A unique program of seated movements that flow in a rhythmical manner to increase spinal and joint mobility. Perfect for all ages & fitness levels.


Classical Dance

Ballet Barre - Classical ballet exercises will be performed at the barre that will improve grace, flexibility, balance and strength, followed by center work that will include jumps and turns.

Jazz Dance - Express yourself in the style of Fosse, Horton, modern jazz and blues in this class of dance technique & choreography.

Nia - Nia is a body-mind-spirit movement practice that is the best of "fusion fitness." Combining dance, martial arts, and healing arts (such as yoga), this one hour class, set to fabulous and diverse music, begins with a warm up, moves into a full-body, cardio workout and ends with a relaxing cool down. Nia choreography is simple to follow yet brilliantly created to increase strength, agility, flexibility, stability, and mobility. Stiff beginners and highly fit athletes alike can adapt Nia to meet their individual needs. It's playful and safe for people of all ages and levels and focuses on self-healing and pleasure in movement. Nia is a dance party for your mind, body, and soul!



To reserve your space in a Mind / Body class today, call (617) 923-2255 x254 or Book Appointments online by clicking on the BOOK APPOINTMENTS link.


* No one is allowed entry into a class five minutes after the scheduled start time.
* All Classes are 60 minutes unless indicated otherwise.
* All Classes require pre-registration by calling 617-923-2255 x221, online or at the front desk.
* A $5 late cancellation fee will be charged if canceling after 10:00am the day before.
* Shoes must be worn in the Club at all times when walking to and from class.
* No cell phones are allowed in class.
* ALP (Active Living Program) A program designed for the mature member, for persons just starting out in group fitness, or for individuals desiring a more moderate workout. Class environment is non-competitive and supportive.

THE MIND/BODY SCHEDULE IS A MOVING SCHEDULE. The management reserves the right to make schedule changes as necessary. Classes with poor attendance are subject to cancellation.