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Group Fitness

ana_a Ana Ayvazian
Ana, a Certified Black Belt Nia Instructor & Yoga Alliance Teacher, has been teaching dance and movement to students ages five to seventy-five for over twenty years. Armenian Dance is part of her cultural heritage. She performed in an Armenian Folkloric Ensemble, and taught folkloric dance. She studied and performed Flamenco for years, a passionate and profound dance form. In 2001 she retired from performing and was encouraged to get her Nia training with founders Debbie and Carlos Rosas. Nia is a vital part of Ana's physical and emotional well-being and she is passionate to share its healing potential with others. Her students express joy and exuberance in class. She received her Nia Black Belt in 2008. In 2010, after a year-long intensive Yoga of Energy Flow training she received her 200 hour certification with her Yoga teacher Liz Owen. She is a licensed and registered Yoga Alliance teacher. Ana brought Nia to the Club in 2008. It has been her pleasure to offer the benefits of The Nia Technique to club members.

bergentino_j Joe Bergantino
Joe is a certified Aerobics Fitness Instructor and personal trainer through AFAA, ACE and FRA. He has specialized certifications in cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength and endurance, BodyPump, BodyStep, Viniyoga and flexibility. Joe is a high energy, self-motivated, self-starter with the ability to stimulate and motivate his students to achieve their fullest potential. He holds a renewed dedication to open mindedness and change and keeps current with trends and issues affecting the health and fitness industry. Joe’s enthusiasm and high energy make his classes and workouts dynamic, exciting and fun. He stresses the importance of good body mechanics and teaches safe and effective exercises. Joe also offers private and small group training at the Club. 

bergman_a Andy Bergman
Andy trained as an exercise instructor in Seattle, Boston and New York and has led classes throughout the Boston area. He is a certified group exercise instructor for BodyPump, BodyStep and Spinning and is also certified by FRA as a personal trainer. Andy is a highly motivating instructor who creates a welcoming environment for participants, providing both the energy of a group setting and the opportunity for individual attention. In his classes, he emphasizes proper technique and form along with genuine fun. Andy also leads and motivates in the business world as the director of health programs for Tufts Health Plans. He holds a Bachelors of Science in biology from Tufts University and a Masters in Management of Human Services from the Heller Graduate School, Brandeis University. Andy also offers private and small group training at the Club.

berman_d Dory Berman
As a youth, Dory picked up several bad habits, one of which was smoking. At 24, she could no longer make it up a flight of stairs without requiring life-support, and realized her life-style HAD to change. Dory joined a health club, which for her was a big deal. She had always ridiculed health clubs, viewing fitness as a complete waste of time. A few months into her membership, Dory reluctantly joined an aerobics class. After a lot of struggling, as most do, with the moves, directional changes, and generally keeping up, she eventually got the hang of it. More importantly, Dory saw an incredible change in her body, her attitude, and her energy. Two years later, she became a certified aerobics instructor. Dory was drawn to Aqua aerobics, quickly realizing the benefits of a water workout, and has been teaching "Aquacise" for over 19 years. Dory can be found every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday leading a spirited, rigorous workout at the Mount Auburn Club pool. And on Fridays you can find Dory teaching BodyStep and BodyPump with energy and passion. Come join Dory and find out why she loves what she does so much! Dory also offers private and small group training at the Club.

cocuzzo_l Louise Cocuzzo
Louise is an RN, AFAA Certified Aerobic Instructor, and FRA certified personal trainer. She has been involved in both the Health and Fitness fields for over twenty five years. Working as a registered nurse affirmed her belief in the Mind/Body connection and in being pro-active in maintaining health. Louise has been happy teaching body conditioning in the Active Living Program at the Mount Auburn Club since 1999. She tries to lead a class that will increase the participants feeling of vitality and well-being as well as a greater sense of control over their body.

griffiths_n Nancy Griffiths, BS, AFAA
Nancy brings over 15 years of industry experience to the Mount Auburn Club as a personal trainer, fitness consultant and group exercise leader.  She was mentored by fitness industry leader, Ken Baldwin of Premier Fitness, as he was developing the nation's first four-year academic degree in Personal Fitness Training for Purdue University Department of Health and Kinesiology. Although she holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and spent 17 years in the high tech and bio-pharmaceutical industries, Nancy resigned her executive position in 2007 to spend more time with her husband and 3 children and to maintain her involvement in fitness instruction and education.  Nancy's Certifications include:  AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist Certification (Lifestyle Management Associates), Les Mills Certified Instructor: weight training (BodyPUMP), interval cardio (BodySTEP) and dance (BodyJAM).  Having a family member stricken with multiple sclerosis in 1996 has heightened Nancy's zeal to inspire, educate and galvanize others to move their bodies as much as possible.  Nancy specializes in group personal training emphasizing attention to correct exercise form while motivating participants to their peak potential.  Her skill in articulating clear instruction and her proficiency in demonstrating proper exercise technique enable all fitness levels to participate safely.

hower_k Kira Hower
Kira, a Certified Brown Belt Nia Instructor, has been practicing Nia for over 10 years, and has been teaching at the Mount Auburn Club since 2009. With a passion for movement her whole life, Kira grew up as a gymnast and then studied ballroom dance throughout her 20s. When she discovered Nia, she not only reignited her passion for dance, she found a mind-body movement practice like none other she had experienced. Through practicing Nia, she learned first hand it's self-healing potential and was able to avoid surgery for past gymnastics injuries. Kira loves teaching Nia to all levels of students and brings her passion for music, movement, and play to all of her classes. Kira holds an M.Ed. and is an Executive and Life Coach.

kahn_j Janice Kahn
Janice, a Certified Black Belt Nia Instructor, experienced her first Nia class in the mid-1990s and never looked back, becoming a Certified Nia Black Belt in 2009. A tai chi student prior to Nia, she infuses her 20-year background in Yang style tai chi and qigong into her Nia classes, inviting students to tap into their warrior spirit with intention, grace and joy. The transformative and healing movements of Nia have helped Janice recover from martial arts injuries and sustain a sense of well-being and passion in life. Janice has a PhD in Applied Sociology with a specialty in medical sociology.

kavanagh_a Ayla Kavanagh
Ayla Kavanagh, originally from Guyana, grew up in New York. She has been with the Mount Auburn Club since 1997, as a spin and aqua instructor. Ayla earned her masters degree in sport psychology, at Boston University and believes that the key to achieving a successful exercise program is the mental commitment. ("I think I can, I think I can"). Apart from teaching aerobics, she is also a personal trainer (ACE) and a nutrition specialist. Occasionally, she will compete in a local triathalon, but for the time being she is having fun being a mom.

lyons_l Lisa Lyons
Lisa has a BS in Exercise Science and received a degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant from Lasell College. She is AFAA certified and has over eight years of experience in the fitness field. She has been part of the Mount Auburn Club since 1997. She enjoys working with people of all fitness levels. Lisa teaches step and muscle sculpting and enjoys rollerblading, baking and travel. Lisa is also part of the Fitness Team at the Mount Auburn Club.

nee_m Maureen Chagnon Nee
Maureeen joined the Mount Auburn Club in 1997. She has been involved in group exercise since 1990, when she received her first Aqua Aerobics Certification. She now holds certifications from Aquatic Exercise Association, Johnny G's Spinning Program, Cycle Reebok, Body Pump and Promise Enterprises for Box Aerobics. She works full time in a sales management function, and although she teaches group exercise on a part time basis, Maureen enjoys this part of her career immensely. She is a high energy, upbeat person, even for her early morning classes! Maureen lives in Arlington, with her husband Tom and her two sons.

phelan_m Michele Phelan
Michele was born to cycle. She grew up right here in the Boston area and found cycling to be a natural extension of her desire to challenge herself mentally and physically. Over the years, Michele has participated in cycling fundraisers for the Multiple Sclerosis Society and American Diabetes Foundation, and in 2000, set up a cancer research fundraising ride on the Boston Marathon route. She's cycled in Ireland, Italy, and Chile, and enjoys bringing real life experience to her spinning classes. Michele stumbled into Spinning when she attended a cycling class on vacation in Los Angeles and realized that she had been "spinning" -- riding an indoor windtrainer with home made music tapes -- for years! She became a certified Spinning instructor in 1997, and continues to expand her knowledge base and instructor skills with spinning workshops and power yoga. She continues to evolve as an instructor; currently adding yoga to her classes to help participants stay relaxed, centered, and of course, stretched out! Michele also offers private and small group Yoga sessions at the Club.

sharkey_d Debra Sharkey
Debra Sharkey joined the MAC staff in 2003. A full time mom and self described gym rat, she spends her days working for a local corporate fitness/wellness provider and teaching fitness classes. AFAA certified and BodyStep certified she is experienced in leading a variety of classes such as step, cardio muscle sculpting, stretch and strengthen and hi/lo aerobics, Debra enjoys sharing her love of exercise with all of her classes. Having spent most of her life battling her weight she believes everyone can benefit from enjoying some form of physical activity. "Move that body everyday, it's the only one you've got!"

sharp_w William Sharp
William joined the Mount Auburn Club team in August of 2003 and currently teaches Spinning. He is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer and is also Johnny G Spinning certified. William moved from Philadelphia to Boston in 1998 to complete his doctorate at the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis. "I love the way the world of fitness and psychotherapy complement each other in my life. The mind body connection is important for all of us to explore more." William hopes his students can meet their personal fitness goals and become life long lovers of fitness. In addition to teaching Spinning, yoga, Pilates, step, and Hi/Lo, William has a private psychotherapy practice in Brookline, MA.

simon_l Lisa Simon
Lisa started her dance training and received a BA in Dance and Human Development from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. In the subsequent decades she has performed, taught and choreographed in several european countries, New England and New York in a wide variety of companies, tours and even a few films. She has also been a personal trainer, specializing in stretch, since before the term "personal trainer" existed. Locally she has performed with, among others, The Jeanette Neill Dancers, the Opera Company of Boston, and the Kamikaze Jitterbugs. She has been on the faculty of many universities and dance studios. Presently she is the choreographer for the Mainly Jazz Company at Harvard University, as well as for her repertory group Simon Says Dance, a member of the Tango Society of Boston and a very busy teacher.