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Kaline Mulvihill

Fitness Professional

Throughout her years as an athlete, Kaline suffered several injuries and discovered her own barriers. After going through several frustrating recoveries, Kaline began to understand the importance of weight, strength, and flexibility training in the prevention of injuries. Over the past 4-years as a trainer, Kaline’s goal has transformed into helping her clients of all ages and fitness levels achieve a higher level of physical fitness and health by overcoming barriers. Kaline’s personal training career began at the State University of New York at Oswego, working with both students and faculty. During her time there, she also trained several groups preparing to hike Mount Kilimanjaro. In the 2013-2014 season, Kaline was the strength and conditioning coach for the SUNY Oswego’s Varsity Women’s Softball, Soccer and Hockey teams. Kaline has a degree in Journalism and in biological anthropology with a focus on human evolution. Her research delves into the evolution of the longitudinal arch in human feet. Kaline has presented her research at the American Anthropological Association’s annual conference in Chicago. Her goal with this research is to develop an understanding of how the structure of the longitudinal arch developed and the affect the structure has on the body during exercise.

Certifications & Degrees

NSCA: Certified Personal Trainer National Strength and Conditioning Association
CSCS: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
TRX: Personal Training Instructor
Kettlebell Concepts: Kettlebell Instructor
Core Assessment and Training
FMS: Functional Movement Screen Professional
MAFTI: Certified Trainer Mount Auburn Fitness Training Institute
CPR/AED & First Aid: Certified
University of Massachusetts, Amherst: B.S in Exercise Science


"Finding Kaline as a trainer changed my life! For a year and a half she worked with me and by the time she moved to Boston, she had me go from 15lbs on some of the weight machines to 70lbs especially the leg press. I started with five minutes on the cardio machines; within the month, I was up to twenty minutes, and I wasn't winded. She consistently and steadily pushed me to do more than I thought or dreamed I could. I'm a (very) post-menopausal woman! She helped me build both muscle and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. I feel the difference every day. Before I started, I thought weights were for body builders and young women wanting a swim-suit figure for the spring breaks. Kaline's approach to training showed me that age doesn't matter in starting a fitness program. Now that I've started, I know that I'll never stop."- Jean

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